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Ordinary kid with pen and pencil. I make stuffs. Kind of.


Hi, welcome to my portfolio site!

I'm a game developer, and recent graduate from University of California, Santa Cruz. When it comes to the project, I mainly take a role as a developer, but also do design and 2D art on the side. I also have 10+ years of web development experience, but we will put it aside for now since it is unofficial.

I love creating things that people can enjoy. Aesthetically pleasing content is always a plus. Trying out and learning about the new frontier is life essential - since my life itself is full of new experiences.



Title for Night Drive


Lead Programmer, UI/UX Design
Unity C#

Mr.Xtraordinary is comic style third-person action game. Player will play as a superhero, Mr.Xtraordinary, and try to save the city. However, the superhero will encounter some challenges, besides fighting off villains.

Integrated and optimized game script. Also, communicated with not only programming team, but also art team for better workflow between two. Designed and implemented in-game UI to match game concept and style not only to provide information to player, but also to enhance comic book theme.

Title for RUNS


Lead Programmer, UI/UX Design
Phaser2 HTML5 JavaScript Web

RUNS is 2D action platformer that plays on browser. Player needs to "Shit to survive", maintaining their gauge balanced while collecting in-game objects. The game is currently published on

The role involved not only implementing gameplay script, but also reviewing and optimizing in-game the script and discussing about the work with programmers. Also, designed and implemented UI to visualize the information that the player needs while playing the game.

Title for Night Drive

Night Drive

Individual Project
P5.js HTML5 JavaScript Web

Night Drive is a small visual project that randomly generates 2D parallax cityscape. The whole cityscape is generated through the code (except for the tiny car on the lower left side of the screen). User can drive along the city and see different skylines as they move.

Sidenote: Always watch out for chances of rain. Also, hit SHIFT to play some cool music while driving.

Screencapure for Fireflies


Individual Project
P5.js HTML5 JavaScript Web

Fireflies is a small visual project that simulates ambient forest with interactive fireflies. Code generated fireflies fly on-screen and vary their position based on noise function.

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    Individual Project
    Twine Web

    Short escape the room style text-adventure game, inspired by a tabletop scenario, written by my friend. Focused on various gameplay route that player can take and keeping the horror aspect only with a text.

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    Programming, Scripting, 2D Art
    HTML JavaScript Web

    Point and click style puzzle game created for short term event purpose. Implemented the script and puzzle mechanic within the game. To convey the basic storyline and premise of the in-game setting, I also was involved in the puzzle placement throughout the stages, and worked on additional art assets needed in the game.

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