Be Xtraordinary!

After many years of protecting the city, our Mr.Xtraordinary faces his greatest challenge yet. His nemesis has returned to the city and threatens the life of citizens. Is he prepared to defend the city no matter what the cost?

Mr.Xtraordinary is 3D third person action platformer game where you are the superhero. Fly between the buildings and punch bad guys to save citizens who are in trouble, and save the day again! Fight your archenemy to protect the city. However, this is not going to be easy fight since Hatred has wicked power to stop you. Be prepared for the challenge. But most of all, don't give up.

Team NOT University Level

Sung Baek

Lead Designer & Gameplay Programmer

Chengyu Jiang

Gameplay Programmer

Nagie Khant

Lead Artist & Gameplay Programmer

Bob Liu

Environment Artist & 3D Artist

Angela Moy

Narrative Design & 3D Artist

Shreyarth Bhatt

Gameplay Programmer & Animation Programmer

Haneul Jung

Lead Developer & UI Designer

Karen Lee

2D Artist

Anthony Mendoza Medina

Music Composer & Narrative Design

Pengze Zheng

Gameplay Programmer